Red and White Cedar Fence

Opting for a cedar fence is a great way to protect your property, gain much needed privacy and keep maintenance costs low. We can supply both red and white cedar fence panels to both homeowners and businesses. The beauty of cedar is the natural resistance to rot and insects due to clever oils that occur organically within the wood – this makes it long lasting, even in areas with problematic weather conditions. This hardy wood is also a real hero when it comes to warping and shrinkage following heavy rainfall, you’ll notice that it dries much quicker than other wood and the white panels allow you to paint it or stain it however you like.

As it’s so important now to think of our planet, you’ll be doing Mother Earth a huge favour as well as yourself when choosing cedar fencing. This great, lightweight wood is in plentiful supply and requires no artificial chemical treatments.

Red and white cedar fencing is equally attractive and the red in particular can add a real warmth both aesthetically and physically due to its insulating properties and ability to provide wind shelter. You will also notice from both colours a very endearing, comforting aroma which you’ll enjoy during hazy summer afternoons reading in the garden or lazy evening barbecues entertaining guests!

You can expect a few knots in the wood here and there which means your fence would be completely individual and full of character.

Compared to other wood, both red and white cedar fences are sturdy, durable and strong, you can easily expect your fence to stand the test of time to the tune of up to 20 years! Now that is value for money!

If you’ve made a decision to treat your property or premises to an attractive cedar fence, we are the experts to help.

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