Arbors and Trellises

Once you’ve worked hard on getting your garden, patio or company grounds looking vibrant with various plants, shrubbery and trees, you may want to consider incorporating a wooden arbour or trellis for an extra dimension of texture. Perhaps you want to create a focal point around a pond or create an area of peace in which your family or staff can re-energise and re-evaluate. An arbour is the ideal way of creating a little nook of serenity where you can surround yourself with the beauty of nature and escape the daily stresses. Alternatively, perhaps you have an area that needs to be disguised, such as a wall with imperfections that could do with some care and attention. For this you need a trellis so you can attach it to the wall and encourage climbers such as Climbing Roses, Ivy or Honeysuckle. This simple addition to your wall will eventually become an area of beauty and a real enhancement to your property or premises.

When you choose arbours or trellises for your grounds, you can choose to leave them unadorned or you can decorate them by hand in any way you like whether it’s with outdoor paint, a wood stain or climbing plants and flowers.

Our sturdy and comfortable arbours and our top quality trellises are made to last and if you care for them as described in our instructions, they should also be free from rot and long lasting.

All of our wood is sourced responsibly and we are dedicated to protecting our environment. Our timber is forest friendly and we ensure our sources follow strict environment guidelines.

A variety of sizes and designs are available and we’d be happy to see your garden or land to suggest the most suitable arbour or trellis for you. We look forward to transforming your garden into your very own sanctuary.

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