Questions To Ask A Fence Company

Before hiring a fence contractor there are questions you should always ask before a fence installation. It's important to set good expecations up front so that you get what YOU want and we can complete work to your specifications within your schedule and budget. Here are some questions to ask us, or any fence company, before starting work.

  1. How long have you been installing fences? This is just a question to get the conversation started. It may or may not matter to you how long the contractors have been doing the work.
  2. May I contact some of your previous customers? You will need to contact the list of customers to get feedback about the contractor’s work. It is very important to do this before hiring the contractor so that you know about the work history, dependability, and trustworthiness of the contractor.
  3. May I visit some of your previous job sites to see the fences you have installed? Pictures will not suffice in this situation. Yes, pictures can be helpful in choosing the style of fence, etc., but you need to go see some of the fence installations this person has performed to determine if he or she completes quality work.
  4. Do you have any certifications? Depending on the type of fencing you choose, you may want to hire someone with certifications in handling certain materials. For example, if the contractor will be building a fence with stone or brick, you need to know if he or she has the capabilities required to do the job correctly. Additionally, the American Fence Association does have a rigorous certification process whereby a contractor can become a Certified Fence Professional.
  5. Do you have insurance? If someone gets injured while working at your home, you could be held liable, depending upon the state where you live. You can decide whether you need a contractor that does carry insurance. Insurance is strongly encouraged, because lawsuits against you as a homeowner can be devastating financially. However, this is a personal decision.
  6. Do you prefer working with one type of fencing material over another? If so, what and why? You may learn that the contractor does not feel as comfortable working with one type of fencing. If that is the type of fence you want installed, do you want to hire this person for your project? The contractor may know something negative or difficult about a certain type of fencing that he or she can pass along to you.
  7. What will happen if you damage something on my property? This question could lead to a good conversation that can help you get to know the contractor better. It is much better to start a business relationship by laying out all of your expectations, so this is an opportunity for you to share what you would like to happen if something is damaged.
  8. Will you contact the utility companies prior to beginning the project? You need to know who will take care of this important step prior to your fence installation so that no utility lines are broken.
  9. Do you require a deposit? When will you expect full payment for the work? You need to know when the contractor expects to be paid for his or her work.
  10. Will you provide us a quote in writing? How long is the quote good for? A written quote is helpful if you want to take some time in determining which contractor is a good fit for your project and make sure your budget is in order.
  11. Do you guarantee your work? You will find that some companies personally guarantee their work and are available for you to contact if something happens with your fence within a certain amount of time. (1 year, 5 years, etc.)
  12. How does your calendar look right now? What is your work schedule? When can you finish the work? First and foremost, you will find out how busy the contractor is currently and whether they can begin your project immediately or several weeks in the future. Also, you need to know what times of day they plan to work. You may have neighbors that work odd hours that need to know there will be some construction going on at your house between certain hours. Finally, the contractor should be able to tell you a date for completion of the project.

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