How To Make A Chain Link Fence Look Better

Chain link fences are low cost, low maintenance, and have a long life span. Unfortunately, chain link fences are much less attractive than other fencing options on the market. There are things you can do to upgrade your chain link fence to make it look better.


Attach vertical wood fence panels to metal fence brackets to your chain link fence. By attaching a 2x4 to the metal fence brackets along the top and bottom of the fence, you create a surface to which you can affix the wood panels. You can then paint the wood panels or stain them the color you choose.

Privacy slats/inserts or plastic lattice

There are a variety of inserts that can be purchased to make your chain link fence more private as well as more attractive. Plastic inserts are easy to install yourself. Some of the inserts look like picket fences, while others are created to make the fence look hedge-like. With the slats, you can choose to use one color or a variety of colors, creating a pattern in your fence. Additionally, you can purchase aluminum slats to insert into your chain link fence.

Fabric mesh

Fabric mesh can also be utilized to customize and upgrade your chain link fence. Fabric mesh privacy screens are lightweight and tightly woven, providing a large amount of privacy and wind deflection for your yard. You can even order a mesh screen boasting a pre-printed scene. Some options include a garden landscape complete with hedges in the image and the image of a stone wall.


You can apply a coat of aluminum paint to give your chain link fence a fresh look. You first need to remove any rust or loose paint with a wire brush, spray rust inhibitor on any corroded spots, and then paint both sides of the fence using a roller. With this option, you can make your chain link fence look more attractive with a small amount of money.


Landscaping can significantly improve the appearance of your chain link fence. Placing evergreen shrubs along the fence along with perennial climbing vines such as clematis, ivy, or another hardy vine, adds to the natural beauty of your yard and, depending on the thickness of the vine, can disguise your chain link fence nicely. In addition to vines and shrubs, you can also use your chain link fence to support your vegetable garden. Planting peas and beans at the base of the fence will give your young plants a sturdy support as they grow, flower, and produce vegetables. Tomatoes and cucumbers also grow nicely against a chain link fence. Growing cucumbers on the fence makes easy work of picking your mature cucumbers throughout the growing season.

Found, recycled, or unconventional objects

Finally, for those more creative types, you can choose to view your chain link fence as a blank slate, ready for your personalization. Here’s a list of items to consider attaching to your chain link fence to make it look better:

  • CDs/DVDs
  • Plastic bottles made into small planters
  • Plastic cups (any color you choose)
  • Strings of outdoor lights
  • Old wine bottles (suspend from twine)
  • Swatches of fabric or tapestries
  • Pinwheels
  • Old shutters
  • Old windows
  • Painted metal art

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