How To Maintain A Vinyl Fence

Vinyl fences are a low maintenance fencing option for your yard. To keep your vinyl fence looking its best, you should clean and inspect your fence on a yearly basis unless you notice dirt, mold, or damage that needs to be addressed immediately. Maintaining your vinyl fence will be relatively simple and require just a few items to make the job easy to complete.

Check the vinyl fence periodically

While cleaning the fence, inspect each post, rail, and picket for holes, loose parts, or damage. Walk along the fence and check for steadiness and loose post caps. If you find any issues with your vinyl fence, first refer to your fence manufacturer’s warranty and follow the protocol listed there. You should also refer to any contracts and guarantees the fencing contractor presented to you to see if the damage is covered by the contractor/installer. If the fence is not covered under a warranty or workmanship guarantee by the contractor, determine what needs to be repaired and who will complete the repairs to the fence. Some vinyl fence damage, such as a hole in a picket, is relatively simple to fix and might be a DIY project for you, depending on your skill level. Other post or rail damage may need to be left to a fencing contractor.

Materials for cleaning your fence

  1. Garden hose
  2. Bucket of soapy water (you can make this with dishwashing detergent, powdered laundry detergent or a vinyl cleaning detergent)
  3. Sponge or cloth
  4. Soft scrub brush (optional)
  5. Eraser/foam sponge (like those made by Mr. Clean)

6 Steps to clean your vinyl fence

  1. Rinse the entire fence with a garden hose to remove any dirt and debris.
  2. Soak your sponge or cloth in the cleaning solution and wipe the fence.
  3. Rinse the fence with the hose to remove all of the soap and suds.
  4. If there are still scuff marks or stubborn stains, place the soft brush into the cleaning solution and gently scrub those areas on the fence.
  5. You can also use the foam eraser sponge to remove stubborn marks.
  6. Rinse the scrubbed areas with the garden hose so that no soap is left on the vinyl.

What to avoid when cleaning your fence

  1. Do not use abrasive cleaning products on your vinyl fence.
  2. Do not use sandpaper on your vinyl fence.
  3. A pressure washer is not necessary – a regular garden hose with a nozzle or sprayer of some type will provide any rinsing power you will need. Some people may want to try using a pressure washer, but proceed with caution. You can damage your vinyl fence with a pressure washer if it is too powerful or if you hold the nozzle too close to the fence.
  4. Bleach is a controversial cleaner for vinyl. Some people recommend using bleach on vinyl fencing, but most manufacturers advise against it because it can stain your fence. Bleach is not environmentally friendly, so using this as an outdoor cleaner would best be avoided.

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